The Society


The society promotes as a principal goal Pharmaceutical Sciences in Switzerland.
For this purpose the society has assumed the function of an academy pursuing the following mission:

  • Unifying and coaching the national and regional societies linked to the discipline of Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Promotion of national and international scientific contacts and of cooperations with other scientific societies and academies
  • Public promotion of Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Promotion of the communication of eminent pharmaceutical findings and realizations in science, research, development, industry, health care and public society
  • Awarding distinguished persons for their merits in Pharmaceutical Science

Foundation and Structure

The Swiss Society of Pharmaceutical Sciences (SGPhW) was founded on October 23, 1993 and is an association according to the Swiss Code.
The society comprehends scientific bodies, individual and collective members having as a principal goal the promotion of Pharmaceutical Sciences in Switzerland similar to an Academy.

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