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  • SwissPharma 10/2013 - Swiss Pharma Science Day 2013

    The report and all abstracts as published in SwissPharma can be downloaded here.

  • PharmaLunch October 2013 - Hendrik Rundgen - Chromafora AB Sweden: "Efficient use of phosphines for the manufacturing of API"

    Presentation slides available for download

  • PharmaLunch January 2013: Malcolm Ross - Generapharm training and consultancy "The effect of cultural differences in the pharmaceutical environment"

    Presentation slides are available for download

  • SwissPharma 10/2012 - Swiss Pharma Science Day 2012

    Please find below the link to a selection of Photos from the Swiss Pharma Science day 2012

    The report and all abstracts as published in SwissPharma can be downloaded here.

  • Elsevier workshop Bern

    The slides from the Author workshop which took place on the 28th of August in Bern are here available for download.

  • SwissPharma 4/2012 - Bericht PharmaLunch Ende März 2012
  • SwissPharma 4/2012 - News on Swiss Pharma Science Day 2012
  • François Ledermann, Antoine Geissbühler, Gerrit Borchard, Stefan Mühlebach, Jean-François Locca, Jacqueline Bezençon, Nicolas Widmer


    The Changing Face of Pharmacy

    Drug professionals have regularly seen during history their activities changing and evolving. The pharmacy profession is currently facing new challenges in a changing world. The Swiss Young Pharmacists Group (swissYPG) has organized in 2011 an educative and reflective symposium on this theme on the occasion of the first Swiss congress of pharmacists in Interlaken.

    A report of the symposium in English, French and German can be downloaded below.




  • SwissPharma 10/11 2011

    This issue of SwissPharma is dedicated to the 4th Swiss Pharma Science Day in 2011. It contains a conference report, the abstracts of the lectures and posters presented, as well as the complete text of the lecture by Prof. Gerd Folkers (Collegium Helveticum) on "Drug Design and Emotion".


    Photos of the event can be viewed at

  • Swiss Pharma 10/2010

    Swiss Pharma Science Day 2010 special.